Mt. Hood

On Mount Hood the rain did not stop our explorers from having a great time! We started the trip by doing a hike around Trillium Lake. The hike included the students spotting and catching a salamander mid-trail. They gathered around as they excitedly checked out the critter. One of our volunteers talked to the student about ecosystems, and how different animals have impacts on the land.

Next, we took a tour of the historic Timberline Lodge that was led by the U.S. Forest Service. Their tour educated the students by enveloping them in the era of the New Deal. From lessons in art and architecture to stories of skiing and construction setbacks, these young minds were filled with facts foundational to Oregon’s formation. Their eyes lit up as they took in the wooden staircases and explored the hallways of the lodge.

Finally, after a visit with Timberline’s mascot, Heidi, we entered the Mount Hood Cultural Center and Museum. The cohort completed a scavenger hunt, collecting items and information in a fun and engaging way. The hunt exposed them to empowering stories of Oregonians. Students smiled broadly while they scribbled furiously on their worksheets. For their efforts, we topped the day off with whip cream over hot chocolate at the Huckleberry Inn.