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Oregon is a place of breathtaking beauty that allows for people to explore, learn, and experience adventure. However, not every Oregonian has the resources needed to get outdoors. Our mission is to promote the exploration of Oregon for those who may not have the ability to go on their own.  We introduce the youngest generation to our state's wilderness by visiting places like Crater Lake, Mt. Hood, the Painted Hills, the Gorge, the Oregon Coast, Smith Rock and the Wallowas. These young explorers experience Oregon's wonders while engaging in activities such as hiking, site-seeing, and time with friends. Our goal is for students to explore, become educated, and become empowered to make nature a part of their lives. Passport Oregon is a nonprofit that is funded solely on donations. By donor's generosity, we transform funds into experiences. Your donations allow us to partner with school districts and communities to create adventures and memories that will last a lifetime!

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Oregon has so many natural wonders. Passport Oregon helps insure Oregon students get to experience the wonders of Oregon.
— Bill Bradbury, Former Oregon Secretary of State


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Passport Oregon offers a program that not only gets kids outside but also inspires them to explore the State of Oregon. The students I work with are now showing more interest in traveling around the state, which is pretty cool.
— Abby Mulvihilll

Family Service Day:

Passport Oregon partnered with Friends of Trees to plant over 2,000 plants in a SE Portland park! Watch our experience here: