The Gorge

Passport Oregon started October off with an exciting trip to the Gorge. Our explorers from Creston experienced cascading falls, rocky crags, and the mighty Columbia river. We built on the trip to Mt. Hood, and again focused on education, empowerment, and exploration.

The kids' experience started at historic and magnificent Multnomah Falls. Ranger Matt, with the US Forest Service, engaged our group with a brief history of the Columbia River Gorge. He spoke about the area's significance to Native American tribes, its role in the expansion of Oregon’s economy, and its geologic properties. Following an invigorating, inspiring and misty trek up the side of the falls, our students, a little tired, got in the van to travel to Hood River.

Hood River further educated our students on Oregon’s past. At the History Museum of Hood River County, the explorers engaged with artifacts from an earlier age - one in which Oregon was still a territory. In fact, each student was able to take home a small piece of a water mill used over 100 years ago. They learned how early settlers transformed the area and heard about the city’s current swell of sport-based tourism. To recharge, we rushed off for some Doppio Café hot chocolate and got ready for one last stop: the Vista House.

WOW- Our final stop left the kids in awe. Although from the photos, I am not sure it’s possible to distinguish which sight stood out most: the winding, windy Gorge or the smiles that spread from cheek to cheek on every student’s face.